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Discussion in 'Special Education' started by happyteacher28, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm in my first year teaching special education with 5th graders. Right now I am doing FULL inclusion. All my students are in one L.A. class and in one Math class together. They are split up equally for science and social studies and I travel back and forth with these classes. Right now, all I am doing is going into the classroom and assisting students and the gen. ed. teachers and occassionaly doing some minimal teaching to whole group.

    The admin is really pushing for full inclusion and I am just wondering if I should be pulling kids out to work on specific things. A few were pulled out last year for some reading instruction. We have one student with Downs Syndrome who was on a modified math curriculum last year, but his Mom is insisting on full inclusion in the math class.

    I'm just afraid I'm not addressing IEP goals and that I'm not collecting data on progress on these goals. I guess I'm just a little confused and concerned and overwhelmed! We just finished interim reports and I had basically no data on anything. And there isn't a good time to pull kids out without pulling them from an academic class.

    Sorry, this kind of turned into a rant/vent. I just want to make sure I am doing the right thing for the kids and I don't want to end up screwing myself over because I wasn't doing something I needed to be doing.

    Any help/suggestions/anything would be great! Thanks! :)
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    It's difficult - but you gotta adapt assignments to meet the IEP goals of your students. As you write IEPs this year, consider they are being educated in the full inclusive environment. Write IEP goals you can easily work with in flexible environments.

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