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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by jlj, Jul 21, 2013.

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    math, sci, social studies, homework, seatwork and take home work.
    Do you use the same folder for word work and writing or separate folders? Do you use a folder or spiral for writing journal? I know some of you have made good points about not using spirals. I was also thinking about the poly 3 ring binder for writing journal and add paper as we go. That way various paper can be used, lined, unlined, decorative, etc. What do you use for spelling?
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    I go by a less is more philosophy. Too many folders gets to be too much to keep track of, IMO.

    I do the same thing you're wanting to do - use various paper for the journals. I would recommend against 3 prong folders, which is what I did last year. The kids really couldn't add the paper themselves, so it was too much work for me. This year, I am using 3 ring binders. I got them at Costco for a good deal.

    I'm going to use a composition book for word work during Daily 5 this year to avoid all the loose paper everywhere.

    I'm also going to have a math journal for math Daily 5. It's a spiral. We'll see how it goes. I may break down and get composition books instead. I probably will.

    I have an unfinished work folder. They use it for every subject. Writing goes in there too. I actually have very little unfinished work for them to put in there most of the time.

    Maybe this is bad and doesn't teach responsibility or whatever, but when we are doing writing projects as a whole class (we have a big project per unit of Treasures), I keep them. I may use writing folders this year, though.

    We have binders for homework. The school provides those.

    I may use a three prong for morning work.

    I personally would be too overwhelmed with a separate folder for every subject, but I am still trying to figure this out. Those are just the things I know so far. :)
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    I have a math journal (we don't use it every day), math folder because we do stations.
    science journal - gets used everyday. Not many wksts -mostly entires written by my kiddos.
    homework is put in the take home folder
    WIP folder for any work that is not complete...however I may not go that route this year as most stuff is in journals and whatnot
    Writer's Workshop folder
    Stations folder for literacy stations during guided reading time.
    Reading is Thinking Journal for use after read alouds and/or during reading workshop (independent reading)
    A Buddy Study folder for later in the year when we do buddy study.
    I have a lot of journals and folders, however they are stored either in different parts of the room or on a designated shelf. The table captains grab the top 5 on the pile and pass out so it goes by quickly.

    A writing folder works best in my room because they can easily pull out older work to edit, review, work on, etc. In my writing area, I have various types of paper that the kids choose. When we're done with writing time, their work goes in the folder. We pull it out the next day.

    For spelling, I use a folder. We do Fountas and Pinnell's buddy study. They do the assisgnments for the week and put them in their folder. Those papers are removed, stapled and sent home at the end of each week.


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