I'm just going to be honest...

Discussion in 'Kindergarten' started by clynns, May 13, 2012.

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    May 13, 2012

    I'm just going to be honest and say I'm ready for this year to be over. I've had a rough year this year. This class has been my most challenging class ever. I could go into excuses but I won't go there too much. I will add that I'm almost 8 months pregnant and have had some complications so that hasn't made the year much easier. I have 17 days left and pretty much all of our assessments are completed. I'm not sure what to do with these kids for the last few weeks. I usually have a lot of "fun" activities but my kids are very active and not very calm. Any suggestions on things I can do with a rather unruly clas, exhausted pregnant lady, and 17 days to go? Thanks!
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    May 14, 2012

    Has your local high school gotten out yet? You could invite some high school or college students to come help.

    Maybe some relay races, outdoor playtime, exercises that the kids lead, simon says
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    Can you pair up with an older grades teacher & do reading buddies? They can do an activity or a writing assignment.
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    * Show & tell days - split the class so you can have 2-3 days (could be specific about what types of things to bring), after show & tell time give time during day to play with/explore what was brought

    * "clean up" day/s - readying the room for the new K students -clean desks/tables, chairs, all areas, assign only a few to each area (easier to stay focused on their task)

    * write & draw pictures for the new K students, hang on BB

    * movie day - a long one or a few short ones with breaks between for snack, lunch, recess, etc.
    also then do a writing exercise; they write about movie & draw pic. Discuss favorite movie, why, favorite characters, etc.

    * game day - board games you have in class or borrow from others + could allow children to bring in their favorite from home; might want to plan more than one day, depending on how many children in class.

    * water play day at school if allowed
    * favorite books read during year, maybe related cooking & art activities
    * Mother Goose Day - children could dress as favorite & recite to class. Could also do lots of art, cooking, games related to rhymes

    Ending the year with lots of fun, laughter & good memories will hopefully leave them excited about returning next year! :)

    Upper elementary or high school students to help would be great if possible.

    May God bless you & your little one. Hope all goes well.
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    May 15, 2012

    Oh, good Lord. 8 months pregnant with 17 days with Ks to go. Prayers to you...

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