I'm in charge of the school wide "assembly" right before Christmas break

Discussion in 'General Education' started by Tek, Nov 18, 2013.

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    Nov 18, 2013

    And would like to use my 19 1st grade students as part of a short skit (5-10 minutes max) with a message that has to do with Christmas in some capacity.

    Would also be nice if this skit has small lines for each or MUCH of my students. I haven't googled for any, but thought I ask here just in case anyone's ever done one firsthand and can message me either a link or a script.

    By the way, overt Christian themes in the skit are OK as I do teach at a private Christian school. Thanks in advance. Does not have to be Christian-based, but should be about Christmas, kindness, gratitude, family, friends, love... that sort of cheery holiday goodness :) It will be performed in front of my school's K-5 students and staff.
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    Nov 18, 2013

    My first thought:

    What about creating (finding?) a version of "The Little Drummer Boy"? One of my all-time favorite Christmas stories about how giving doesn't mean we have to wrap an expensive gift in a fancy box.

    The skit could be fairly short, with some key characters

    1 boy - title role - Drummer Boy (you can name him something time-appropriate "Jacob", "Eli", etc.
    3 students to portray the Holy Family
    1 boy and 1 girl to tell Eli that he doesn't have anything worth bringing to the baby Jesus (they would portray his brother/sister or his parents)
    some lambs, cattle, etc.
    Various villagers who bring what they feel is appropriate, but of course the Drummer Boy's music is the finale.

    The lyrics are fairly easy for first-graders to memorize and you can find some royalty-free version I'm sure?

    Costume would be fairly easy...neutral-colored clothes, bland.

    Or you could do a modern re-telling with the kids wearing their everyday street clothes.

    Anyway, just an idea! :)

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