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Discussion in 'Teacher Time Out Archives' started by Tara19, May 24, 2004.

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    May 24, 2004

    Hi everybody! I just got a chance to check my e-mail and seen this site in my bookmarks and thought WOW- haven't been there in a while! :) Anyway, I'm happy to say that Friday was my last day in high school, only 2 more years to go, wish me luck! Anyway, I have decided that I love teaching, but I'm just going to be a helper until aftr I graduate, then I want to go into nursing. Just an update: My daughter Maddie is doing great and I have a new boyfriend who is an awsome "Dad" to her and her biolgical father is currently in trouble with the law and owes tons of money so I'm not gettign any money for child support so I have took up a 3'rd job, a K teacher's helper, waitress at Pizza Hut, and now I'm modeling. It's not really "me", but I need the money. I have read through some of the forums and sounds like you guys are doing good. Soryr this has nothign to do with teaching- I just had to say hi! Let me know how you guys are- I would love to hear from you!!!
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    May 24, 2004

    Welcome back!

    Long time no hear. CONGRATS on finishing school. You forgot to mention being student AND MOM on your job list! I got the end of the year blues and looking back at my other posts from over a year ago, I was feeling it then too! Funny how you forget the REAL emotions. I was just told today that I am going to have an intern and that I need to take a workshop so that in the Fall I will be able to have the intern. My dad is NOT thrilled with the recent news because, it almost now makes me not interested in LEAVING! I dont want to sound so indecisive but my pursuit of broward county just came to like a screeching halt today, and yet, I STILL must do what is best for ME.
    I am glad you found time to come back to your 'old friends'. Its really good to hear from you again. Visit when ever you get a chance!

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