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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by Kendall2018, Sep 11, 2019.

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    I'm a first year teacher. I teach kindergarten. I taught Pre-K in a private setting for many years and subbed in public schools, so I have experience with kids and classroom managment, but there is so much to learn.
    It's week 4 and its getting better little by little, but how do you prepare for all the new teacher evaluations and assessments of students on the computer I'm not familiar with? And how do you do guided reading groups and guided math? I saw lots of great activities and lessons from Teacher Pay Teacher I'll order.
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    Your first step should be to talk to your grade partners and your admin team to find out what the requirements are and what resources are already in the building.
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    One activity I would be sure to include is reading aloud to the students. I would especially encourage "big books". Something I've mentioned before, that's probably impossible, but if you could locate (stored in the back of a school attic) an old fashioned filmstrip machine with the even older old fashioned film strips with captioned pictures, these are ideal for beginning reading practice.

    OK. Maybe something's in the donut I'm eating right now, but I just had a sudden brainstorm. Perhaps you could create your own version of a filmstrip using Powerpoint. Right now, I'm even thinking of an example. Take a stuffed animal, and have it explore the classroom. Take a photo of the animal entering in, sitting at a desk, working at a center, etc. Then add a story line caption under each picture. I'd include current vocabulary/phonics from the lessons, but I'd also freely develop each sentence, not restricting myself to current vocabulary. Then you and the students could practice reading this story.

    When I was an elementary student, one student would work the filmstrip projector, which added to the thrill of the lesson. This could be done with the computer keyboard, too, one student advancing the frames. I would even suggest the students helping to create a story while the teacher takes the photos and types in the captioned sentences on an interactive whiteboard.
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