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Discussion in 'General Education' started by daisycakes, Oct 11, 2017.

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    Hi forum. I'm recently pregnant after trying for over a year and being told I cannot get pregnant due to a genetic condition. I'm obviously thrilled to be pregnant, but now I am very worried about getting sick at school. I teach at a high-poverty school and parents generally are not able to take off work to keep their kids home. We constantly have sick kids here at school.

    In the last 2 years, I have had foot and mouth (parent knew they had it and sent the kid to school anyway), strep throat twice, pink eye (last month), tonsilitis twice, brochitis and numerous other severe colds and flus. I did try to get a flu shot 2 times last year and both times I already had fever and the lab refused to give it to me. One of my doctors actually thought that the reason I could not get pregnant was that I was constantly sick with viruses, not because of my genetic condition. The month of May alone, I had four different viruses. This year already, I have been sick 3 times. My teammate has also been sick 3 times. I have tried setting timers on my phone to wash my hands every hours, doterra aromatherapy oils in the classroom, taking zinc and tons of interventions because I have been so miserable being sick every weekend.

    I am wondering what happens if I get sick while pregnant. The last time I had tonsilitis, I had a fever for 5 days! I tried to insist this morning that a very sick child be sent home and the office said the parents were aware he was sick and they said they would not pick him up. What are your thoughts?
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    Honestly, I think in that situation your school should find a corner somewhere they can designate the sick room.

    We have such a room. One used to be specifically for sick kids and students having violent meltdowns. This year it turned into the one-on-one classroom for a particularly violent student who had to have a change of placement. So, now, they just a smaller office. It works. We also have high poverty so it's not uncommon to walk into the office and see a kid in whatever room lying on a cot--all day.

    Maybe not the best solution, but... it works well enough. Keeps the sick kid from the rest of the population.
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    The first thing to do is make your OB and GP aware of the situation; they'll have the best advice as to what's safe to take while pregnant. If you're disclosing at this point, get a note from one of them to give to your P to explain that you may need to change policies/practices for your and the baby's safety.

    Put hand sanitizer by the door and have the kids use it when they come in. Disinfect surfaces every day: door handles, desktops, the works. If removing ill students isn't an option, make a quarantine table for the sick kiddos. Take a cue from Japan and wear a mask when you know you have airborne illnesses.

    If your P or students aren't cooperative in protecting your health, don't be afraid to take a leave of absence. Keeping you and baby healthy is too important to mess around with.
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