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    Mar 15, 2007

    Please give me your honest view of your kids and your expereince thus far. What are they learning and what are your challenges with this age group.

    Thank you!
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    I am a teachers' aide in 3rd. I love the kids. They are so adorable. At times they are totally impossible, but not in the awful ways that older kids can be. Mostly it's just lack of discipline. This is their first year of really formal schooling-- second grade was still more preparatory, but now they're expected to hold their own in the classroom to some extent.

    The hardest part is when you see kids who are slipping through the cracks... you know this is one of the most decisive years for them/their self image... you want so badly to stop and help them but there's only so much you can do...

    What they're learning: Just finished the alphabet in script, a little more than halfway through the times tables, the human body in science, I haven't been in on a math lesson in a while so I'm not sure what they're up to, I think it's parts of the government in social studies. In writing, they're focusing on story structure-- patterns of introduction/setting/characters/problem/solution/conclusion. That's about all I can think of offhand. We just finished more than a week of standardized tests, so the curriculum has been kind of interrupted.
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    I student taught in 2nd and LOVED it. While I was there...

    We started cursive (it was Jan-Feb when I was there)
    Writing... Learned how to write a good paragraph and use adjectives to make writing more interesting
    Used the internet for research
    Using boxes, built our own farms after learning about them (this was my unit)
    Science was Sink and Float... we built boats out of aluminum foil and out of clay, explored bouyance and surface tension
    Social Studies was Australia (this district covers several particular countries each year in addition to "where we live")
    In math, we were doing a lot with mental math and 2-digit addition/subtraction. We weren't quite in to borrowing in subtraction but were starting to do carrying with addition. Also working with money, clocks, and measurement.
    Reading/Language Arts... we used both the basal reader as well as novels. We were doing a unit on friendship... my low readers were reading Frog and Toad (in the basal, and then out of trade books) and my higher ones were reading the Polk Street School book by Patricia Reilly Giff (I loved those as a kid!)... they interviewed someone else in the class, did Venn diagrams about their similarities and differences, and wrote "friendship books."

    I loved the fact that I could put a "to do" list on the board and they could follow it. They love to joke around with you are are old enough to understand gentle teasing. They still want to please the teacher. They're old enough to get into projects that are a little more involved, but young enough to still WANT to do those "fun" things.

    But... they WANT to be older than they are. And they're getting into the part of school where it REALLY matters if you're not a strong reader and writer... so one of the challenges is helping those kids get "up to snuff" without singling them out.
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    Much of my teaching experience is 3rd and I loved that age. Very independent, still interested in school, fun, etc. I don't know, but I thought 9 was considered the "golden age" - I still think so. Now, I am in 2nd and see how much preparation it takes to move them from little guys to the big league. I love this age too. 2nd graders tend to be very stuck on routine and rules and don't like to veer from the normal. Both are great.

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