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Discussion in 'Second Grade' started by rapper_teacher, Sep 18, 2007.

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    In my 1st and 2nd Sunday school class i have 6 girls and 1 boy and when i get serious the girls see how seriuos i am and listen but that one boy tends to see im a litttle upset and just starts to laugh and smile. I knew the boy since he was a baby and when he was around 3 or 4 i use to sorta date :blush: his auntie and when i came to the house i would joke and play with him alot. Now hes one of my students and i think he looks at me as still the GUY that use to play with him.

    I kept him after clas this passed sunday so that we could have a talk about his behavior and the whole time he was laughing at me and the saying "OK,OK, can i go now"! Even in a meeting with his mom he was still gigling a little bit and looking at me with a smile. The boy is real smart and fun to have in the class but i dont think he takes my authority as a teacher seriously. What other methods can i use to get him to take me a little more serious and show him im the Adult teacher not a friend? :thanks:

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