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Discussion in 'General Education' started by MrsTeacher2Be, May 8, 2009.

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    May 8, 2009

    I'm a first year regular ed teacher, and I've been asked to attend an IEP meeting on one of my students. I've never done one before and several of my co-workers have told me that our SPED dept likes to 'run over the rest of the teachers'... whatever that means. The really interesting thing is that this kid's parents won't show. They've made appt after appt to come for the IEP meeting but never show up, so I was told today that WE (teachers, counselor, and a VP) are going to decide everything for this child. Can we do that? I'm curious about what to expect during this meeting? Any advice?
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    I don't see how they can do that without the parents knowing what exactly is going on. I sat in on an IEP meeting once because they needed a general ed teacher to sign off. The parents couldn't make it so the sped teacher called the parents beforehand to go over the IEP. When it came to the meeting, the sped teacher outlined what was in there, any changes that were made, and asked for questions. Then we signed. Seeing as how this is a student of yours, if there is anything you don't understand, get the sped teacher to explain it to you.
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    Wow, I have heard of adjustments being made and then the papers sent to the parents through certified mail.

    Our special education director likes to control our meetings to the point where he doesn't listen to the classroom teacher. After my last meeting, the parent turned to me and apologized that he offended me. I was offended, but I told her that I was OK and I was only there for her child. My feelings weren't important. But I did go to my principal the next day.
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    Yes, parents can sign that they do not want to attend and then they just have to be notified of the IEP progress and new goals. The one thing that I would be aware of is being sure that the modifications are appropriate and possible in the classroom.
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    You can have an IEP meeting without the parents, provided that a good faith effort was made to have them there. It's rare, but some parents will never come. When I worked in a very rural school district, some of the parents had very little education, and the thought of coming into a school building with teachers and administrators in a meeting was just terrifying to them.

    I have known some very controlling special ed teachers who figure that they are the only ones who "gets it" and knows what should be in an IEP. I work with great classroom teachers, but many of them like to stay out of the IEP writing process (it's "one more thing"). Since I have good relationships and communication with them, I think that their input ends up on the IEP through me. They always attend the meetings, and as the kids spend most of the day with them, they are the most important, really - I am a support person and consultant.

    I would ask to see a draft of the IEP before the meeting, and be ready to comment during the meeting.

    Good luck!
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    If the Special Ed teacher has followed the rules and sent out notices (several) and accommodated the parent's schedule and they aren't showing up, the IEP can be held with parents being there. It will be documented.

    I had an IEP yesterday where the parent didn't show but signed she would be there but we could hold it regardless.

    The IEP is run by the Special Ed teacher/speech pathologist/etc, as a classroom teacher I am there because I am their General Ed teacher but am not the expert on their needs for the IEP.

    I've always had good relationships with my Special Ed teachers and they may run the meeting but it's not controlling me or anyone else.

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