IEP Goals and Adaptations

Discussion in 'Special Education' started by ChangeAgent, Nov 8, 2007.

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    I know each state has a different IEP format (and each district within each state!), but I have some questions for comparison.

    How important are your IEP goals after they are written? Our district uses a system to probe students every few weeks and chart results in reading fluency, reading comprehension, and math computation. However, there are no consequences if a student reaches his or her IEP goals or not. These goals can be charted, are related to the student's disability, but do not necessarily have an impact on instruction (as everyone is given probes from the same system).

    How are your goals similar or different?

    I find the most important aspect of the IEP (besides the parts that state student placement!) is the adaptations/modification section. This is the most practical of sections and helps students best succeed in their classes (be it regular or special education).

    In our district, we tend to pull from general modifications for most students, and differentiate as needed. Most of our students have the opportunity to have extended time on tests and tests can be read to them.

    What do your modifications/adaptations look like?

    What are the most important aspects of your IEPs in your district?

    (Okay, LRE is very important in our district for state purposes, but as far as the whole document goes with practical applications, I find the modifications section the only part worth looking at!)
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    At my school (I teach resource at a combo jr. and sr. high), paperwork is everything. The sped teachers in this district agree that to the administration the paperwork is more important than the kids . I have written 19 IEP's already this year and they continually get sent back to me for changes and improvements. My aide basically runs my resource room. I rarely get to actually work with my students. And the administration is completely okay with that as long as my paperwork is all in order.

    I find the accommadations page important also though, because this is the page that goes out to the general ed teacher. The more ideas I can give them to help a student, the better.

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