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Is any topic's data presented only in paragraph format or are there any other possible formats ?

  1. only paragraph format

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  2. other formats also possible

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    Let's understand this by an example. Lets consider a topic of biology subject, a topic that involves a diagram. It could be explanation of a diagram like - 'human eye' or 'digestive system' or any other diagram. Now there is a structure that is present here. And I say that if a student is aware of that structure then it would help him to study any diagram.
    The structure says learning of any diagram involves 3 parts viz. 1st is the diagram , neatly and drawn specific to the parts that are going to explained in it. 2nd and 3rd are the two major details on each of the parts in an ordered numbered form. The details on each part are true for all parts and all kinds of biology diagrams. These details include , 1stly the 'description' detail of the part like 'shape' 'size' ,color, texture composition , location etc. related details (all details not necessary to be included all for each part) which help one to create identity of the part in one's mind. For example, description detail of the 1st part , cornea , is that 'its a thin transparent membrane' , located in 'front of eye'. And the 2nd detail if the hearty detail .i.e. the 'function' of the part in the structure being studied. For example , the function of cornea is 'it bends the light rays incident on it in such a way that they enter a dedicated portion of eye , named pupil'.These two details are sufficient to explain the basic working of the part 'cornea' in the eye.Similarly , details on each of teh part shall come to understand the entire topic of 'human eye diagram'
    TO SEE AN EXAMPLE OF 'PROPER STRUCTURES' ON DIFFERENT TOPICS IN BIOLOGY SUBJECT , you can check out the following blog : https://notemakerschool.wordpress.c...eview=true&iframe=true&frame-nonce=2123c41764
    So, I personally would state that 'structure knowledge' on any topic is useful when it comes to studying any topic rather than just having paragraph format data on the topic.
    Your thoughts on the matter are more than welcome.
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