Ideas for teaching beginner ESL students math

Discussion in 'ESL/ELL' started by sjanew15, Sep 16, 2016.

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    I have been asked to teach a group of five mixed-level Kindergarten ESL students the math they will be missing when I pull them for ESL class. Two of the students are complete beginners who speak no English, one is at a transitioning level, and two are fairly high level and quick to learn things.

    Their general education teacher wants me to teach them the concepts of how things are alike and different. She also wants me to teach them how to sort things according to the common core state math modules for kindergarten.

    At my school, we teach what the general education teachers tell us to. That is how ESL is run.

    I want to honor her request while also including activities to boost the basic vocabulary of all the students in my class. I was thinking of preteaching important vocabulary for those concepts such as colors, shapes, how things are alike, different, and the same. I broke the common core modules down by important linguistic concepts and am teaching one big language concept per day (alike on one day, different on another day, talking about the same items on another day, etc). I am really slowing it down so everyone can pick up the required language. What else can I do to make sure all the students in that group can eventually talk about items that are different and the same?
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    Make sure there are plenty of visuals and do lots of hands on activities with manipulatives.
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    I teach intermediate students. I start my newcomers' math with counting and tens frames if they do not know quantity correlations. Make sure the kids have plenty of opportunities to speak and use the vocabulary together.

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