Ideas for kiddos with separation anxiety?

Discussion in 'First Grade' started by trayums, Sep 4, 2011.

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    Hi all,
    Happy New Year! School begins for us on Wednesday (we were supposed to start last Thursday but Hurricane Irene had other plans for us). I got an email from a parent today saying that her little one has a lot of separation anxiety. What kinds of strategies, techniques or thoughts do you have for helping these kiddos. I am sure there will be tears on Wednesday and getting her into the classroom will be tricky. I do not have an aide, para, or any other adult helping to corral my kiddos into the room after our opening ceremonies. Like I said, any thoughts are greatly appreciated. I suggested to her mom that she can bring her in the day before school starts to see the room and meet me etc.
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    I think coming in early is a good strategy. It kind of depends on the kids from there. Some kids do really well with bringing a photo, but others it makes cry more. I have had some of my kids that come in with tears draw a picture for mom/dad to give to them later if they come in crying and by the time they finish, they are calmer. I remind them that they have a job to do, to come to school and learn as much as they can because moms/dads forget and they have to report everything to remind their parents about the improtant stuff and even given them a schedule to draw what we did to show their parents.. I have never seen anyone have a good experience if thye let the child call home, it only got worse.
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    I think it really depends on the child. I had some students that cry on the first day every year. I try to smile and be compassionate. A pat on the back and a side hug seems to go a long way.

    I talk gently and say things like, "I know first grade seems scary but we're going to do so many cool big kid things in Ms. Em's class this year."

    Often I ask the child if they know anyone in my class. If they do, I have them go sit next to their old K buddy. If not, I'll pair them with another child and say something like, "<Crying Child> is having a hard day <Non Crying Adjusted Chiild>. Can you be <crying child's> friend so he/she can feel better?"

    Once we get to the classroom I briefly introduce myself, then I have the kids gather on the carpet and I read a funny story about the first day of school. There are several. I choose based on how I feel each year. My favorites are:

    "Mr. Ouchy's First Day" (a teacher has his first day of school as a teacher and he goes home at the end and talks to his "mommy" on the phone about it like a child)

    It Happens to Everyone (a boy is nervous about his first day of school. his teacher, who is new to the school, is also nervous. it goes back and forth with them getting ready for school and becomes one story once they get there and meet in the classroom)

    The Awful Advarks Go to School (a family of bad 1st grade advarks go to school and they terrorize the poor teacher and kids)

    Noodle's First Day of School (a puppy wanders into a school on the first day and takes a tour before the kids and teachers arrive. he talks about how cool school looks)

    Never Spit on Your Shoes (a boy comes home and tells his mom about his first day of school and the teacher, students and such. some of the kids in the story are crying at first, which kids can relate to that are upset, but then they start to feel better)

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