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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by Camel13, Dec 5, 2017.

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    Dec 5, 2017

    This might seem off the wall, but my dad loves to send me copies of his favorite magazine Ideas and Discovery. The articles at times seem geared toward conspiracy but I can't really find anything to label it as incorrect. It is a flashy magazine that makes science and tech, history, etc pretty interesting and cool. I am wondering if there is a teacher out there more knowledgeable about the publication than me. I think it could stimulate curiosity in science for some of my students. I could even use it as a tool to do further investigation "to see if we can prove this is true with real peer reviewed literature." Feedback appreciated!
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    Dec 5, 2017

    I've seen it before. One thing I noticed was that there weren't as many citations as I would have liked for something heavy on science. If you're going to use articles here and there as a starting point for student-led research, I think it's probably fine. If you're going to consider any of it as a reputable source, I'd find something else.

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