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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by TxMaThTeAcHeR, Sep 21, 2010.

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    Hey Guys...
    So I am struggling, which doesn't normally happen. I am currently teaching at an alternative high school, with about 50 kids in the high school. I am teaching 4 preps, and the rest of my classes are going amazing except for one. It's a test prep class for those who haven't passed the state math test. The only crappy thing is that the kids really don't have to pass the test. They can take it three times, and then as long as they have had remediation between tests, if they fail it all three times they can still graduate high school like everyone else (this is in MN). So these kids, who are already alternative and have struggled in a regular HS, with minimal to average math skills, are now hating this class, not wanting to do work, in the mean while I have to try to get them to pass when they know they probably aren't, but it will count against me. I need some other ways to go about this class... I have spent the last two weeks doing graphing, and we have only made it actually graphing lines... I have tried just giving them notes (typing them up ahead of time), having them work in pairs, using whiteboards, ect... The kids are also at allllll different levels, so differentiation is kind of a must. I'm just at a loss. I feel like my classroom management has gone out the window, when it was good at first, and now some of the kids have started to rebel. There are about 5/8 who will actually do the work that I give them... Any advice? Thanks in advance :)
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    I was one of the kids who hated math and thought it was basically pointless (sorry to say, math teachers :/ ). If there is any way at all to make it hands on and at least a little interesting, that would help a lot I'm sure.

    Also, they might appreciate you commiserating with them. "I know you guys hate this and think it's pointless, but we have to do it because ___________"

    It's a hard situation to be in when they know they can graduate without doing the work. Can they graduate if they fail your class, or is it an elective?
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    With my classes that are so drastically spread out, I have leveled the material. If you divide up your chapter or unit into small incremental levels, then you can have the students work at their own pace or in very small groups. You can give instruction at their level and then have them work on practice until they can pass a quiz or complete a question on their own...
    I also might tell the students that if they work quietly and stay focused, they won't have any homework. Then make it a case by case basis.

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