I need help with Toddler Montessori Materials

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    I am new here and really do need help working with 2 1/2 yr. olds and Montessori materials, my concern is tiny pieces and a concern about choking hazards. I am just filling in until they find a certified Montessori teacher. My center has this group of children 6 to 8 hrs a day and the materials for works are in short supply.:(

    I have taken away kidney beans for counting as well as tiny plastic zoo animals because of the label "not recommended for children under three." I have heard that for toddler ages, "anything that fits into a film cannister is too small" Now I only have one spooning activity- cotton balls.

    Besides sponge & water, clay and water color works, what other focused materials can I provide for toddlers that do not need to be so closely superivised?

    The other teacher had posted a schedule that had diapering, potty training and montessori task time happening at the same time. I cannot keep to this schedule without a second person.

    At this age, I am mainly concerned with helping them to learn the basic self care skills and "no grabbing" "I don't like that" "This is my work" expressing needs training. Homemade manipulatives are another thing I need help with. Thanks!

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