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    Hello, It has been a long time since I have been on here, but I am feeling so overwhelmed this year and I need some help. I apologize for the long post from the start. There has been so many changes at our school this year including, new teachers evaluation, new units for Reading driven by common core, new schedule with a whole block for just RTI and finally we are piloting the new Kindergarten assessment in Illinois--Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS). All the Kindergarten teachers in Illinois will do this next year, but our administration wanted us to start this year. Then on top of all that a week before school starts my principal called and added Preschool to the list of things I do this year. To make a long story short, they could not fill the position for a part time preschool teacher, so they are having me do Kindergarten in the morning and another teacher take my class in the afternoon while I drive to another building to do preschool. I am the only one in the building that has the right certification to do it. Needless to say I am a little stressed right now.
    I need help with the Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS). I have to observe and collect data about each child in my class. You have to have documentation for each measure for each child that shows evidence they know or can do it. I think this is great but it will be hard because I am only there half a day and the other teacher has not had the training yet. Any ideas on how I stay organize collecting the data, or does anyone have a checklist that they use to collect data. The measures are very closely aligned with the common core standards. I know taking pictures are always a good way to document. I am thinking about writing for a grant for a camera for my room or maybe something I can take a picture and type in what the picture is right on the device. I have to send into the state three times this year my findings. The biggest thing for me is time, I have none. Once I start seeing small groups that will help. I thought I would choose three kids a day to focus on and collect as much data that I can. Two of the students on my list did not show up, so I am only at 15 kids this year. I thought of data binders, but again the time factor. Here is the website for KIDS. http://www.illinoiskids.org/ Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Are there any other Illinois Kindergarten teachers doing this too? :help:

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