I need help home teaching?

Discussion in 'Preschool' started by luckytiff02, Feb 19, 2008.

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    Feb 19, 2008

    Hi there every one...

    I my new task about home teaching and a prefer 15 pre school to teach this coming month i need help some ideas how to set up my small place any designs or ideas you have, im also planning to put some x-mas,Disney and cartoon characters and put cheap bean bags and rocking chairs in the place indeed..Does anyone know where can i purchased all of them?
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    Mar 1, 2008

    My educational store has bean bags. Walmart might have some. You can purchase them through teacher stores online.

    As far as decor, even though it is preschool you could add a few more educational things on your walls. I would put up shapes, numbers (number 1 with one object, etc), alphabet line for the top of your room and that's about it. Make sure it is bright, simple and not too high of a level for them to aspire to. You can have a reading area next to your rocking chair. After you get some children make a schedule with pictures of them doing different activities to show that time of the day (ie, picture of child pretending to nap for nap time). Don't forget a game closet.

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