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Discussion in 'Preschool' started by preschoolgal, Nov 16, 2007.

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    Okay so here is the deal. I teach a preschool class with 20 3-5 year olds in it. We are part of a Catholic school. Our class is going to begin going down to church on Fridays with the rest of the school and the seventh graders are going to help. My class has no idea who the seventh graders even are so the seventh grade teacher and I decided to have them come down to do an activity with my class next week. They only have 15 minutes to spend with my little ones and that is the last 15 minutes of our class. I need an idea for an activity that we could all do together to help us get to know one another in that amount of time. Any ideas?? Thanks!! :D
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    Are they going to be paired? I would ask the seventh graders to bring their favorite children's book and read it to their partner/s. Also, can the seventh graders fill in a simple page that the kinder kids could "read" like My name is ____ (you'd probably help them with that) and my favorite color is ____. I like to _____. If it was simple enough the kids could keep it and read it to themselves for a few days and then introduce their partner to the class by reading it to the class when the seventh graders come.
    One more: Have them make a short story together - kindergarten kids each illustrate a page and the seventh grader write the short story down. Make a class book out of it.

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