I need advice!! I am at a complete loss!

Discussion in 'Behavior Management' started by boogaboo214, Feb 11, 2010.

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    Feb 11, 2010

    ok so I am a first year teacher and it seems that i got the bad class this year. i have 5 constant behavior problems but 2 of mine are out of control. One of mine is very immature and just very defiant and does not care about anything. i can pull clips and he say oh wow good i get to pull a clip ill just go ahead and pull it to sad face. Mom is fed up he is very smart could be one of the smartest but is constantly out of his seat and thinks that everything is funny. hates coming ot carpet and will tell me no. second kid is practically best friends with kid 1 second kid is having a lot of emotional issues right now, dad has left and was beating mom in the first place and now it is him older brother and sister that is in k I am a 1st grade theacher. He is completely defiant does not care what you take away is constantly out of seat playing and running in the class and the hall. i have tried reward methods dosent work bc once he loses something he shuts down dosent care. Its all stupid. he is very angry and has put his hands on other students . i have written him up several times and he has had ISS 3 times this year. He sould be in alternative school right now he has drawn pictures of himself shooting another student thought that was funny.the policy about sending kids to alternative school is just not upheld very well here. To top it off he is ell and mom speaks no english i have to write in spanish in his folder and i have to look most of that up and use a translating program. Ell teacher does not speak spanish and has problems out of him everyday also and I really feel like he is the one that if i get undercontrol then the rest will settle down. If i ignore him he is worse like trowing pencils and crayons across the room. COMPLETELY defiant. I need Help I am fed up with both but mainly student 2
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    Feb 11, 2010

    All I can do is send you hugs! I have two that are making me crazy, but reading your story makes me thankful I don't have the issues you have! Good luck and I hope you figure it out soon! Is there a counselor and is she involved at all?

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