I have had ENOUGH!

Discussion in 'Behavior Management' started by love2teach, Mar 14, 2007.

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    Mar 14, 2007

    What to do?
    I have a great class but 2 boys that drive me CRAZY! One set of parents are a bit more invloved and while they dont do much are around more and the kid sees and hears me talk to the parents at dismissal. The other one has parents who are concered but not as visable at schoool.

    One boy has been on a behavior mod for a while now and it is working, he does need lots of remninders and has some breakdowns but is MUCH better!

    Now, the other little guy.....dirves me crazy! He was a handful in sept/oct but things calmed down and he was really super good for a while....always checking in with me to see how he was doing....
    Out of no place the last week or so he has been AWFUL! Refuses to work, makes noises, talks over people, just does things to drive me and the other kiddos bonkers!

    I have called home and parents are understanding, but nothing changes...so I started a mod for him...and things are a little better...but not much..the first part of the morning was HORRIBLE...and it was not until I had a stern talking to (and missed pulling one of my reading groups) that I seemed to get through to him.....but I can't do these talks everyday.....

    I dont know what Im really looking for, I guess just to vent......we have conferences coming up soon....guess what the main topic of this one is going to be!?
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    I totally feel your pain! I'm a sub and it always seems there's those 1 or 2 that just drive you out of your mind - I've tried it all - talking to, kindness, harshness, ignoring, etc, but nothing has worked yet. As a sub, I don't have the luxury of calling parents, (like it would not help ANYWAY on some kiddos). Being a sub, I often find there are no consequences in place that the teacher uses for inappropriate behavior, so I'm trying to find things of my own that will work - so far, I've got NOTHING....lol!! I'll be teaching in my own class soon and I would really like get some ideas on how to handle the WORST of the WORST (if you know what I mean). So I'd like to know - What behavior mod are you using for these two little fellas?
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    Have you given him detention? I find that once they cross the lind they will keep crossing the line untill someone stops them.
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    Have you tried the ABC Behavioral Approach Model?


    Have you done an analysis of what triggers his behavior? I mean the ABC method. A=antecedent (what occurs before the behavior is exhibited) B=behavior (what specifically occurs: kicking, running, screaming, throwing things, ripping things, hitting others, yelling, ect (SPECIFIC-can be seen or observed), the consequence- what results from the staff or teacher who need to intervene (ignoring, redirection, spoken to, looked at, observed, new activity presented, moved to a new location, ect) What you did to intervene or reduce the behavior. I have found that this approach works with our students who are much more quick to disrupt the classroom. You need to be ready to collect as much data as you can to present to the psychologist. I hope this helps.


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