I have a Montessori students coming to a non-Montessori kinergarten...

Discussion in 'Montessori' started by minnie, Mar 1, 2009.

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    I do not teach Montessori but I know a little about the philosophy. I have a student coming into my classs next year who was in a Montessori preschool. I know that Montessori focuses on children learning through self-discovery, but do the teachers actually have a whole group lesson with the students? Or is it all exploration?

    I'm asking because I'm not sure how this students is going to react to a different classroom setting. By all means, I do a lot of hands on activities and use tons of manipulatives, but I also have the students as a whole group teaching a lesson.
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    I would keep doing what you are doing. K kids come to school with a whole range of experiences and readiness. Your hands on approach is developmentally appropriate and whole group instruction as part of a balanced approach is efficient and effective.

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