I got the job, filled out paperwork, next step confusing...

Discussion in 'General Education' started by joealee, Jun 22, 2018.

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    Jun 22, 2018

    In another post I noted the process and my hiring as a Social Studies teacher. The school I will be working in is in a large district, but one of the schools that I was unfamiliar with until my interview. When I was offered the job by the head of HR this week she had me fill out the paperwork and told me about an orientation day for new district hires at the end of August.

    She also mentioned that I should initiate contact soon with the principal and schedule a school walkthrough. This seems trivial, but it's these little things that sometimes get me nervous. Should I email or handwrite a letter to the principal? Should I do it now or wait a couple weeks (remember school is just ending, maybe she has a lot on her plate right now)? I know I want to thank her for the job offer, and want to let her know I am available for any extracurricular events at the school that I might be a good fit for.

    Has anyone else that was a newly hired teacher contacted or met with the principal over the summer? Any help would be appreciated. I want to make a good impression, but I also don't want to be a bother---I know administration can be very busy post school year.
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    Congratulations! As HR told you to contact the principal, I would contact her. I would either e-mail or call. You don't need to worry, you have been hired. Just be patient in waiting for her to e-mail or call you back. I wouldn't wait. Showing you are eager to get started is a good thing. You'll want to make sure that you have the district/state standards and often they will allow you to get other helpful materials to help get you ready for the school year.
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    This week I accepted a new job offer for the fall. We still have one more week of school here, and I am taking my last personal day next week. I'm going to email my new principal and let her know that I'm off one day next week and if there's anything she needs me to take care of, I'm available to pop by the school. Otherwise, I will wish her a wonderfully relaxing summer, and we can sort it all out in August.

    Email your principal - don't call, it's crazy right now, and definitely don't hand write a letter. Make yourself available, but don't demand an appointment.
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    Jun 22, 2018

    I agree with this. Definitely don't hand write a letter and don't wait. Yes, this is a busy time for principals, but I know ours was just as eager as we were to get out of there for summer (we've been out for a month now). Around here, principals get a short break at the beginning of the summer and then have to come back in July. If you email now, you're giving her time to respond and schedule at her convenience. If you wait, you've just wasted several weeks when she may have wanted to get the tour done with. Although I know this isn't your intention- she doesn't know what your mindset is so waiting could also signal that you put it off or didn't care enough to contact the school right away.

    I'd email and send a short note saying you're excited for the new position, you've signed your paperwork, and HR told you that the next step was to ask her for a school walkthrough, and let her know that you can make yourself available whenever is a good time for her.

    If you don't get a response, don't panic. As readingrules said, you've already been hired.

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