I can't even sleep...what would you do?

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by ktmiller222, Jun 3, 2015.

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    Jun 3, 2015

    It's only a few days into June and I am already feeling high anxiety about possibly not having a full-time job come August. I've been thinking and stressing about it to where I can't even fall asleep right now. Here are my problems/plans:

    1. My home school has a huge Special. Ed caseload. I was interviewed there in March (turns out the superintendent was my high school principal and recognized my last name). They said there will most likely be some openings next year (like 6). When I went in to fill out sub teacher paper work (about a month later) the secretary said there were budget/grant cuts and they eliminated some positions so now they think there might be 2 or 3 openings but will not know until end of June. It was disappointing because I thought I had a good chance when they first said 6 openings and they gave me advice on what to prepare for second round interview. I'm starting to feel like I won't be offered anything even though they are not sure what the openings are yet....I just have a gut feeling.

    2. I was offered a two month long sub job for a Spec. Ed teacher in another district (small district). She said that no one new was hired for next school year and that all the spec. ed teachers are young so no one is retiring. Even though I love the school and it's great to have a long-term on your resume (even if it;s only two months), I just feel like there's not a whole lot of job opportunities down the line.

    ---back to my home district...each school year they hire many building subs (you start off with basic sub pay then it increases a bit, not much, after 60 days...but they offer you health care). I was possibly going to ask if I could be considered for one of those. Being that there is a huge special ed. population, I feel like I have a better chance of getting a full-time job here in the future. I do know a few people working in this district (people I went to school with).

    Would you rather be a building sub in a larger district or take a two-month long maternity leave in the small district and then go back to day-to-day subbing in a few districts. I know this teacher is coming back from leave because of financial reasons. In a perfect world, I would be hired as a full-time teacher somewhere this summer...but that hasn't happened in the last 5 years! Advice?
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    Jun 3, 2015

    I do not have much advice, except to say that you have my sympathy. I am in a similar situation. I graduated in 2014 and have applied to over 100 jobs at this point. I have had at least 15 interviews and one demo lesson, but no job offers so far.

    I am on six sub lists and I work almost every day. Several of the districts that I sub in have had openings, but in most cases, I was not even interviewed! My student-teaching school (which I also attended as a student) had an opening last year that I interviewed for, but they passed over me, which crushed me.

    I am also having horrible anxiety over the job search situation. I have trouble sleeping, feel like crying a lot, stress eat, feel myself withdrawing socially, and am coming increasingly irritated and short with people, which I feel terrible about. I feel like I am putting my entire life on hold. I turned down a trip to Europe for this summer, held off on making plans to visit family in other states who I am very close with and hardly ever get to see, and am afraid to make plans with friends more than a few days in advance, in case I get called for an interview. Thankfully, I am going away for five days right after 4th of July, and will have access to my phone and computer, but I still feel guilty about traveling, because I feel as if I am slacking on the job search.

    I am also getting pressure from my family. They tell me that I cannot be a sub for the rest of my life, that I am unfocused, and that I probably won't get hired, because of all the new graduates coming out this year that are younger than me (by only 1-3 years, if even). One of my family members is also giving me guilt for going away at all this summer, because she claims that I should be home every day in case I get called for an interview.

    I sometimes feel as if I am never going to get a job, because in the area where I live (NJ), candidates usually have to know somebody on the board or in administration, and I do not know anybody.

    It is an incredibly stressful process and I feel sorry for any body who is dealing with it.
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    Jun 3, 2015

    Personally, I would rather be a building sub because it offers consistency. I would keep the LTS until you have a signed contract. It's not uncommon for people to back out of LTS positions for full-time positions elsewhere.
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    If you can't find a job where you live then you will have to search outside your immediate area and commute or move. When I started teaching over 15 years ago I could only find sub and LTS jobs. I decided to commute for a few years but eventually moved 45 minutes north of where I lived. Now, I still drive an additional 30 minutes north to work but this is where the jobs are.
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    As a building sub will you still sub everyday? I'd go with the one that will guarantee you a regular paycheck

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