How to stand out among tons of applicants...?

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by newteacher14, Apr 23, 2015.

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    I am 3 for 3 on interviewing/being offered a job. Part of that is the fact that my subject area is not very saturated and many people don't major in it. (Family Consumer Science/Home Ec). However, here are a few things that have helped me, at least at the interview stage:

    1. Tell the hiring committee flat-out that you want to teach at the school! Of course, if you are just applying to a "safety net", this will show. I will say that when I interviewed for my new position at my dream school, I told them that it was my dream school! It may seem bold, but I always end interviews by reminding them once again that I truly want to be there.

    2. I also created a brochure with a picture of me, an "about me" section, testimonials from students, my mentor teacher, and my principal, a bulleted teaching philosophy, and a list of qualifications. I did this for the first time recently, and the interviewers were very impressed and reacted positively.

    3. Definitely email principals if the application doesn't explicitly mention not to do so.

    4. Send thank you notes as soon after the interview as possible. I know that some people say to wait, but I have had success by emailing each interviewer individually with a personalized thank you. I try to also mention/expand on a point each interviewer brought up.

    5. Don't let the hiring process get you down. There are times when schools already know who they are going to hire before anyone even walks in.
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    Hi There, I am also on the job hunt (again) this year in SoCal. I'm surprised you got an interview at all if you don't have your credential yet and all the paperwork in order. If you're looking at LA then they are hiring thousands so you probably do have a great chance there. If you are a young person then you can look into subbing (Anaheim seems to always hire subs first- there is a special posting just for them) and Irvine has tons of IAs. I can't do that because I have kids and the cost of daycare takes away what you make.

    Anyway, yes make sure everything is perfect. Look everyday, even on the weekend. I'm thinking about a brochure too and I made an infographic too which has received good reviews. Being young doesn't mean you're out or anything. I see young people all the time at interviews. Emphasize how you are willing to help out and learn.

    Can I ask what district you got an interview at on the weekend?

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