how to prepare of the job hunting season?

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by MsTeckel, Jan 29, 2012.

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    So I have a job..I've been teaching children with autism at a private day school for 4 years. I enjoy it, but I think I would love a public school even more. I've applied for public schools jobs before and have gotten interviews and either have turned them down (Im afraid of change) or they wanted me to come in in the middle of the day (and i really couldn't take off work to go). Or Ive totally failed the interview...

    I have two personal days that I can use this year for job interviews if I can't get them after school. I can always take half days and all that jazz. So I pretty much have 4 chances this year.

    What can I do to prepare? My resume is pretty much updated Ive scanned all my documents for those online applications. Do I try job fairs or would I have better luck with just applying to open positions?

    Thank you
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    In my experience job fairs can be hit-or-miss. If you're considering going to one, I'd try to do some research as to what districts are going to be there and whether or not they have any openings. You may even want to call the district and ask if you could send your materials to the in advance. I've gone to three job fairs. One was at my college and was basically a practice interview session in which you got to sign up with different districts that "anticipated" having openings in your area. The interviews were screeners and I only heard back from 1 of 3 which eventually also led nowhere. Another job fair was much more popular and included over 100 districts from in and out of state. You basically passed out resumes and your info to those districts you were interested in. Some of the reps would be very chatty and others just took my credentials. The chattier reps usually asked to schedule you for an interview. I think I had 4 interviews that day and heard back from 2. Finally I went to a regional job fair and found out only after I arrived that there were no anticipated openings for my credentials. I still stopped by all of the booths and dropped off my literature but I really felt like it was a waste of time.

    You ask whether you should apply to open positions. My answer is No only because you should be applying to all of the districts you're considering in your area. You cannot wait for them to post openings. First, send them your information including a completed application if available. Then, follow up with them shortly after just to ensure they've received your materials and ask if there is anything else you need to do to be considered for future openings. Check back with the district (wherever they post openings) and as you see openings you're qualified for, make another contact and let them know you'd like to be considered for them.

    If you wait for openings to be posted you may very well have waited too long. This board is filled and will have many more threads from people who found out about an opening after it was already filled.

    Good luck! You have plenty of time and it seems like you're well on your way. When I was in your position last year, I started filling out those pesky online apps in Jan/Feb. as they usually keep your info for at least a year. That way they're out of the way and you don't worry about sending materials in early and having them possibly thrown out. I think I started sending paper apps and materials out in March but that was such a long process I was still at it in early May.
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    Apply anywhere you would consider working. Hand deliver resumes to individual schools if possible (There are reportedly a few areas of the country where this is not welcome, but in my area, it looks really really good and gives you a leg up. Secretaries will put sticky notes on apps about their first impressions so dress nice if you do this.) I didn't GET a job from a job fair, but I did get 4 interviews from going to job fairs. Some of them were more useful than others, but you never know until you get there. I found at job fairs dropping my important characteristics with buzz words helped. I worked in a high risk 98% free and reduced lunch school and had been a part of PLCs and RTI. These were all things that are new in my area and concerns for principals. They were excited to hear I already had a leg up from even some of their current teachers in these areas. I also made a teacher brochure and attached it to my resumes. Some ignored them, and some said they were a great idea to make me stand out. Those are all the ideas I have! I got a job from my first interview, but continued to get calls for interviews. In total, I got 10 calls for interviews from doing these things in a relatively competitive market.

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