How to get a principal to nominate me to substitute

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by Mommy1982, Dec 8, 2011.

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    There is a hiring freeze in my state for the past few years in all public schools. I am not able to even get on the sub list at these schools because of this. In order to sub in a public school, I need a principal's nomination. So far, it seems like principals are not willing to give out a nomination.

    The principal at the school I student taught at was less then nice or helpful to her student teachers and told us the first day she would not nominate anyone bc she doesn't need subs. If I would known she was going to do this beforehand, I would have chose a different school to student teach at. So now I am jobless, with a masters in education, and I had to quit my well paying job to student teach. I can only sub at Catholic schools, which I don't mind at all, but still. A family friend works at a public school, is literally best friends with the principal and her principal could do nothing. I contacted my supervisor at my old college to see if he had any contacts and again no principals could help. I was even told by one principal that she has not seen me in action, so couldn't help me. Um, the old sub list was open to ANYONE, even non teachers without a degree, so she has complete strangers at her school subbing who she has never seen in action. So can anyone tell me what I should attempt to do? Email or call random principals in my area, beg for a nomination?
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    In my area, the first step for many new teachers is to volunteer in a school one (or more) days a week in order to get the principal's recommendation that is needed for referral to interview for the sub list.

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