How to break the habit.

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by letsteach, Aug 25, 2013.

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    There is a student who was in my class last year who was doing really well for him. He knew his phonics, could hear sounds in words, he could tell you the phonemes in words, learnt sightwords and was doing just OK at reading. He then went overseas for the last term of the year and did not attend school at all (Term 4 is my big push term).

    This year he came back to school and went into Year 1 where he is now sounding out every single phoneme in words that he reads. Both his teacher and mother are concerned as it has slowed his reading, his fluency, comprehension, etc all because he has now developed the habit of sounding everything out. His teacher told me that words he should be able to look and say he will sound out, words with digraphs he will sound out singularly such as 'shirt', he will say all the sounds singularly but will still 'get' the word.

    His sister is in my class this year and she has overtaken him on reading levels (also, no planned overseas trip this year). How do you get a child who is capable to stop sounding out every sound?
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    Do some sight word practice with him. He needs to know some words automatically. You could also have him reread the page he just sounded out, as he would already know what the words are.
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    I agree, jt
    The Fry list is the best, in my opinion, because words are listed in order of their true frequency in real world reading and writing. For example, the first words are "the, of, and, a, to, in, is, it" etc.

    Just knowing the first 20 words "automatically" will greatly speed things up simply because they make up such a large percentage of the words we encounter every day. It's just common sense....

    Good luck!:)
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    Yes, do one-on-one sight word practice with him. Keep the expectations to about 5 words a week at first.

    I've had a lot of kids in first grade who read as you have described. They worked through it. I don't think it is something to be concerned about. Just spend some time giving him some additional tools to come at reading from different angles.

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