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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Ignacio, Apr 8, 2019.

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    Apr 8, 2019

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Ignacio and I am new. Just like everyone else who has made their way to this forum I need help. I would like to become a substitute teacher while I figure out my next step in life. I have gone to the CTC website and looked at the "How to submit a Paper Application" page, but when I start reading I get lost, confuzzled (confused) and to be honest intimidated. I have filled out a form 41-4, I have a certificate of clearance (whatever that means), I have been fingerprinted, but what do I do next? I mean do I send the finger print paper work in with my 41-4 form? I know I need transcripts. I ordered the transcripts today and they should arrive in a couple of weeks. I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology and I passed the CBEST in December. I will be calling my doctor to complete a TB test hopefully within the next couple of weeks. Is anyone willing to walk me through the rest of the process, hold my hand? It's not easy for me to ask for help because I've always done things on my own and I am usually a very capable person, but I just feel lost in this process. I really don't want to mess up the paper work because if I read correctly any mistakes or changes will incur a new processing fee and having been out of work for a while I don't have the ability to pay for every mistake that I will likely make.

    Would any of you have suggestions about which colleges to attend near the Azusa/Covina/Glendora area? I applied at university of La Verne for their Masters in Educational counseling program but have not heard back form them. Cal Poly Pomona only had a credentialing program. I would like to start looking at other schools. The degree in educational counseling seemed to suit my interest more than teaching in a class.

    Also does anyone have any insight on substitute teaching agencies such as swing education? Is it worth working with an agency like this? Pros and cons that you could help with? The website makes it seem like they walk you through the process of getting your 30 day sub cert but it sounds too god to be true.

    Oh last one. How would I private message other users on the forum? I figured if I get some good insight I'd like to speak with certain individuals on a one to one basis. Please forgive my rambling. My wife always tells me that I do not communicate well. I often say what I think rather than think about what I'm saying. If you need any clarification on anything that I have said please feel free to ask probing questions. It will help me to elaborate and answer your questions in a way that is understandable for both of us.

    -Personal info
    I've worked with troubled youth for years in an all girls group home with ages 12-18.
    I am a father of two boys ages 8 and 9.
    One of my boys has special needs.
    I worked as a retail manager prior to working with troubled youth.
    I volunteered at a domestic violence shelter for two years.
    I have been a parent facilitator for the "Reading Roads" parent literacy program at the elementary school where I currently work as a noon-aid.
    I taught the 4th-6th grade class at my church for over two years.

    1. Confused about what to do next. I need help with the 30 day sub application process.
    2. I have some experience working with youth.
    3. Not certain if being in a classroom is my end goal but I do enjoy working with kids.
    4. I'd like to able to apply use my bachelors in psych to help children in the school setting if possible.
    5. What's the deal with sub agencies? Is it a good way to get my foot in the door?
    6. Any suggestions for colleges to attend?

    Thank you so much for your help and patience with me.

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    Apr 8, 2019

    Hi Ignacio,
    I believe every district has its own hoops to jump - Have you looked at specific district web sites? It sounds like you have done the big things - fingerprints, cbest, tb - Have you checked each districts web sites? But I'm unclear - are you interested in subbing as a teacher? Or getting your counseling credential? These are two very different positions. I don't believe that there is subbing for counseling positions. You mention that you are volunteering at an elementary. Is that in the district you are interested in? Have you asked the teachers there for advice? That might be a strong place to start. Maybe there is an admin there who would be willing to set aside a quarter of an hour to meet? Just thinking outloud here. Good Luck! Hang in there - when I started my district kept sending me on what felt like wild goose chases. I think it took me a full on year to get from tb test to job. Ugh! But then from sub (teacher) to credentialed teacher seemed smooth(er). And for me, it was worth it - even on the difficult days. ...And there were a lot of those at the start for me. ...And there are many now. still worth it. ...And I still have not learned patience, but I've heard it helps!
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    Apr 9, 2019

    Creative Monster

    Thank you so much for responding. Ideally I would like to get a Masters in Educational counseling. At the moment I would like to substitute teach while working my way through a Masters program. I have been out of work for a while because of an injury and I felt as though subbing would at least get me into a few different school districts and possibly open a few doors for me after building working relationships.
    Your suggestions are great and thank you for them. I have asked a few teachers that I work with and even a couple at the church that I attend. The answers that I get are great for when I'm in the class but when asked specifically about the substitute application process I get the response of, "oh it's been too many years. I don't remember how that all went". These are all people that I have good relationships with and they are usually very helpful so I don't want to keep asking them the same questions when they truly don't recall the process. I will ask the principal of my school. Hopefully he has some time as he's been dealing with school closure issues. The school board decided to close our school due to low enrollment. I will definitely look at the surrounding districts and figure out the specific requests that they make. Again thank you so much for replying.

    Have a blessed day

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