How long from verbal offer to signed contract?

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by starflower32, Jul 25, 2019.

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    I accepted a verbal offer on Tuesday for a teaching position!!! So first, thank you all for your help! I'm really excited. I was wondering how long it takes from accepting a verbal offer to signing a contract. I accepted on Tuesday and the school rep told me Human Resources would get in contact with me. It's Thursday and I haven't heard from them. I don't want to give notice at my current (non-teaching) job until I've signed the contract. I'm worried time will run out and I will have to quit my current job without notice.
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    I suspect, if this is like districts I have worked in, that you have to be approved at a school board meeting. Since most school boards, at least around here, tend to meet about once a month, it could be as soon as tomorrow until a month or so from now. If in doubt, call HR at new job and ask them the question you asked on this thread. They won't "unhire" you for asking the question every new hire wants to know, and they will be able to give you information about the way things work in your new district.
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