How long did it take you to get your first job?

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by gazing_iscariot, May 20, 2008.

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    May 20, 2008
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    May 20, 2008

    I've been lurking here for a few months and always found this forum extremely helpful, so I thought I would say hello and ask a question to those that have taught before.

    I graduated last Aug. and immediately enrolled in ITeachTexas and have passed my content test, and all my modules. Immediately after graduating (I made a move from Lubbock to the DFW area) and moving here I got a job subbing and subbed until I got my current teachers' aide position. I've been applying at every district within 45 minutes of here and I'm getting a little desperate since I've not been called in for any interviews (only job fair interviews). I've also had my principal email the high schools in the district I'm employed by, the vice principal called and sent my resume to the high schools also, and our assessment specialist also called the middle schools that had openings.

    I have no idea what to do, or what I'm doing wrong... I thought both subbing and becoming a teachers' aide would reflect positively since I didn't student teach, and I totally thought being an employee of the district would get my foot in the door since we've had 13 positions in my content area (hs eng. lang. arts) but nada.
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    May 20, 2008

    I went on four interviews where I was rejected. I got hired on my fifth interview. Could you post your cover letter/resume for us to look at?

    I interviewed twice this year, but will actually get to stay where I am (as long as everything goes okay on Thursday) and was considered to be their "top candidate" each time.

    Hang in there, it is still early in the process and there is a lot of shifting going on in a lot of districts internally before they open up things to the outside.
    It sounds like you have a lot of people in your corner! When I got my job last year, those "cheerleaders" are what helped get me my job in a school where I student taught but with a new principal and brand new grade level. Good luck!
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    May 20, 2008
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    May 20, 2008

    I would absolutely love and appreciate some advice on my cover letter/resume. (which I just posted only to be timed out when I hit submit. I hate when that happens :( ) I have been wondering if there was a problem with my resume/cover letter, and to be truthful, I never actually heard of a cover letter before I started reading these forums. :/ Any help/advice would be beyond awesome. :)

    My name is Sarah XXX and I would love the opportunity to interview in person for any openings within XXX ISD in English Language Arts. I have filled out an application for XXX ISD and attached is my resume and Statement of Eligibility for employment.

    I am a recent graduate of Texas Tech University and I am pursuing my teaching certification through ITeachTexas. My certification area is English Language Arts and Reading in grades 8-12. I have completed all coursework through ITeachTexas and I recently passed the TExES certification test on December 8th. I am now studying for my ESL certification test, and will be ESL certified before the upcoming school year. I am eligible to be hired at any time to begin my one year internship.
    I am currently employed by XXX ISD as a Teacher's Assistant in the Computer Lab, and I am tutoring 3rd graders 90 minutes daily in preparation for retaking their TAKS test. Prior to that I have worked as a substitute teacher for XXX ISD.

    I would love to work for XXX ISD, as I have heard many wonderful things about the district. If you have an 8-12 English Language Arts position available I would love to be considered.


    Objective: I wish to gain employment teaching 8th through 12th grade English Language Arts where I can utilize my proficiencies in Literature, Language and History to enrich students’ understanding of literary works to promote lifelong learning.

    ITeachTexas – Alternative Certification Program
    October 2007 – Present
    All coursework completed.

    TExES English Language Arts and Reading 8-12
    Passed – December 8th 2007

    Bachelor of Arts in English - Minor in History
    Texas Tech University August 2003 – August 2007
    XXX High School August 1998 - May 2001

    Job Experience:

    XXX Independent School District
    XXX Elementary - Computer Lab Aide
    Novemeber 2007 – Present
    Working under general supervision of the computer lab teacher assisting students and teachers in the use of computers and educational software in the campus computer lab. Troubleshooting technical issues with the staff’s computers and associated peripherals.

    XXX Independent School District
    XXX Elementary – 3rd Grade Reading TAKS Tutor
    March 2008 – April 2008
    Tutoring two groups of 6-10 students daily for 90 minutes in preparation of retaking the TAKS test.

    XXXX Independent School District
    Substitute Teacher
    August 2007 – Novemeber 2007
    While working towards my teaching
    certification through ITeachTexas I feel that substitute
    teaching was an excellent way to gain experience in the classroom. Preforming all classroom duties while the teacher is out of the classroom.

    The Door to the Internet / XXX Telecom /
    XXX Communications /
    XXX Wireless – Technical Support Representative
    May 2001 – August 2007
    The Door to the Internet has under gone multiple mergers and acquisitions between the years 2004 – 2007. The staff, including myself remained employed although the ownership of the company changed. I was employed at The Door through different names and ownerships since May 2001.

    Providing telephone technical support for Mac OS / Windows
    Troubleshooting various Internet connections
    Basic router and network troubleshooting
    Basic Computer Repair
    Hardware and software installation and troubleshooting


    Texas Tech Graduate of August 2007
    Bachelor of Arts in English in Literature and Language
    Successfully passed the TExES content area certification
    Completed all coursework through ITeachTexas
    TAKS test tutoring experience
    Classroom and Substitute Teaching experience
    Specialization of nineteenth and twentieth century poetry, prose and history
    Exemplary computer and technology proficiencies
    Excellent interpersonal communication
    Outstanding written and verbal communications


    Microsoft Office 2000-2003
    Experience with Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and
    Experience with E-School, Study Island, Fast Forward and Rosetta Stone
    Expertise in both Windows OS 95-Vista and Mac OS X
    Excellent organizational skills
    Enthusiastic to learn and listen

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