How do YOU use your small manipulative counters?

Discussion in 'Preschool' started by LovetoteachPREK, Apr 24, 2011.

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    OK - in the thread about engagement, there was talk about not knowing how to use our materials. I was thinking it would be great to hear how others use common things we have in our classroom. So - I don't have a lot of stuff in my room yet, but I do have some farm animal counters and some for a couple holidays. We have done some sorting activities with them (put all the pigs here, or put all the green ones there) but what do you do that is different?
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    Using Manips

    Using 2 colors of counters:
    *Create patterns
    *How many ways you can combine the two colors to make "5" or another quantity
    *Have two students measure how long an object is, then record and compare their answers
    *Set up activity for two students to use cards, pails, or other container to identify quantity

    Animal counters:
    Combine them all and ask the children to sort in various ways:
    -Where animal habitat
    -Sort by number of legs
    -Sort by diet
    -Sort: Which are farm, pets, jungle, etc.
    -Categorize by two attributes

    Just a few ideas...
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    All those and more:
    -Have them create fences and barns out of various types of blocks and manipulatives and play with the animals.
    -Use the with playdough.
    -Use them in the sensory table with straw or dirt or rice or water or whatever you can think of.
    -Sort them by beginning sound.
    -Have them choose an animal to write a story about.
    -Use them to retell stories.
    -Put them in a mystery box to guess what animal it is.
    -Use a balance scale to weigh them, trying to balance both sides.
    -Use them to form giant numbers, letters, etc.
    -Use them as a non-standard measuring tool.
    -Put them in sets of 10 to make 100.
    -Use them when you are singing farm songs.
    -Ask children to try to draw them.
    -Use them to make footprints when painting or sliding around instead of fingerpainting.

    I better finish dinner.....

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