How do you group with behavior problems?

Discussion in 'General Education' started by bewlove, Oct 8, 2014.

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    Oct 8, 2014

    Here's my issue. I teach 4th grade and I have about 4 boys in my class that are driving me batty! I love them each and I push for good behavior from them, but having them together can be downright toxic! They don't listen when they are together and they feed off of each other.

    I want to do more grouping in my class, especially in a way that allows me to work with these boys in a small group setting, and then work with others in a small group setting. The problem is, as soon as a go to a small group type of setting with any other students, these four are immediately off task. I don't group them together for this very reason, but it seems like no matter who I pair them with, they are going to be off task unless I'm standing there. I want to give my students more individualized instruction, but I cannot do that unless I can keep these boys under control when I am not there with them. I do have a behavior chart, there are both rewards and consequences, I have contact with all of their families. What else can I do so that ALL my students can receive the instruction that they need? Thanks.
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    Well, you have four boys, and I have 6! Yay us! I do lots of centers and grouping too, but I do not have them participate. They all sit in "islands" anyway, so they do the activity at their desk. If one or more happen to be behaving nicely, then they can participate, but if they act up they are out. Honestly, they would rather do the center, because mine are always game-like, then sit out with a boring worksheet.

    Good luck!
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    I have 2 girls that are this way. They, like all my other kids, LOVE Centers. Any time they are off task I make them return to their seats to do "seat work" and they HATE it! Only took 1 time for that to happen and I don't have to get on to them any more. :)

    Worth a shot?
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    With your situation of 4 behavior problems, I would first make sure these 4 are in 4 different groups. Then, I would have a plan for what to do when a student misbehaves in the group. If the behavior is poor enough, I would remove the student from the group for the day. I strongly believe students should be able to start each day new. I would give the student the chance to be back in a group the next day. If he loses it again, he gets removed again for that day (at the most) or a few minutes (at the least).

    Of course, if this misbehavior can be prevented that would be ideal. It won't be easy. Here is one thing worth a try.

    Make sure these 4 all have specific jobs in the group that keep them very busy. They could have a list of everyone's names and keep track with tally marks when a person participates. If these children go as much as 1 minute of doing nothing, they often get bored, and that is when they make their own entertainment.

    Good luck to you.

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