How do you control classroom volume?

Discussion in 'General Education' started by zmp2018, Feb 27, 2019.

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    One of my challenges as a sub is the issue of classroom volume. A lot of the times, teachers leave work that students can do with a partner or with a group, and while they do the work, the volume often gets too loud. I lay out my expectations for volume at the start of the period and remind them to quiet down when they get too loud, but sometimes, neither of those methods are effective.

    What are some good techniques (for a sub in particular) that I can use to keep the volume under control?
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    My classroom uses voice levels. There is a poster in the classroom that explains each one. There are also procedure posters for different activities. I like to think that helps a lot. I rarely get any kind of bad notes from subs, so it must help. Our school is a PBIS school, so we focus a lot on procedures and expectations. I use the CHAMPs management system to teach that in my classroom.

    Without those kinds of things in place already, you're probably doing the best you can with teaching it and reinforcing while you are there.
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    I have been subbing for over 5 years and would have to say that one of the major challenges in just about every single class is volume! And second to volume is CONSTANT talking.
    With some classes a simple reminder works, for a while, but the yada-yada-yada soon returns and the volume increases. This makes me wonder, when did allowing students to talk randomly during class became sort of OK?

    Although it has been a REALLY long time since I was in elementary/middle school I do remember that we as students were not allowed to talk all the time during class. In fact, we were expected to come into the room, sit down, stop talking, and pay attention. I work in a district with 5 elementary, 3 middle schools, and the chatter is along all grade levels and in all schools.

    The teachers I sub for have various methods of getting the attention of the students. Some do the clapping method, some have bells or clickers, some count down from five. All methods seem to get the attention of the students for a few seconds, but then the chatter starts again. In fact, sometimes I can stand directly in front of a group of students, and do the attention method the teacher uses, and they continue talking while looking straight at me. It is very hard to believe that the students are getting anything from whatever is being taught. And it is NOT just like this with subs. I have also done intervention and gone into various classrooms to work with individual students, and watched as the teacher stood in front of the class, speaking to them regarding the topic, and the kids are just absolutely ignoring the teacher and continuing with their conversations!

    One teacher said she thinks this behavior is related to the students using various 'devices' all the time. I don't know if this is the reason for the constant talking and volume in the classrooms, but do see how it could influence the student behavior.

    This has led me to use the 'technique' of saying, over and over again, "keep the volume down to a level 2, please". Sometimes this works, mostly does not.

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