How do you check homework?

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by shoreline02, Sep 30, 2016.

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    Sep 30, 2016

    I am looking for a fast, convenient way to check homework. Students have one sheet of homework for science that is completed throughout the week and turned in on Friday - 4th grade!

    1. I was going to have my students put their homework in their homeroom bin (we're departmentalized).
    2. Check-off their name when they turn it in. That way I know who did and who didn't have homework.
    They are allowed to turn their homework in early, if they want.

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    Sep 30, 2016

    If you're just meaning the check-off part, I have them turn in all work into a turn in box (in a portable with 28 students, so space is extremely limited), and then one of the students has a job as paper sorter, from which I'll check things off. Work that I need to correct (i.e. assessments) or at least glance at (all homework), I'll then put in a spot at my kidney table for me to look through. If we're correcting the HW as a class in the morning, I'll go around and stamp homework, so I know when they turn it in who had it done on time.

    When I subbed, I saw a variety of systems, from this, to having a student with a clipboard going around to each desk and checking it off...and many more.
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    I also do a homework bin (we are departmentalized-I do math and science). I usually just quickly count and see if I'm missing anyone's, and if I am I will read off names and have them put their hand down when I call their name. Probably not the best use of time, but it takes about 3 minutes one day per week. It's less of a headache for me then paper checklists :) I just put a sticky note on the stack if I'm missing someone's. Then, I have a clip on the wall by my door where I put kiddo's assignments who need to finish/redo, and I pass them out when time allows (or they take it to learning lunch if it's a consequence for not being prepared, etc).
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    I am not a big believer in homework. I give out one sheet a week that has the snap words, a math idea to do at home (ex: using anything at home, make quantities of 1-10) where they draw what they did, and that's it. They are expected to read for 50 minutes a week, but it's not "homework", just a healthy habit. I will check off the sheets on Friday when they are turned in, but I don't keep track of who has brought them in and who hasn't. Research just doesn't support the benefit of homework, so I don't put my time and effort there.
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    Personally, I like to have them hand it all in at one time. That way, I know who handed it in. I can go to their groups, collect and count the papers, and immediately know if an assignment wasn't turned in. Alternatively, sometimes I have them hold up their papers so I can see they have it.

    I have had bins in previous years and this current method works much better for me. It eliminates the whole "but I turned it in!" excuse. I clip the pile when I'm done collecting them.

    I grade solely for completion.

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