How do you bring more STEAM activities into your lessons?

Discussion in 'General Education' started by heavens54, Jan 19, 2015.

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    Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Being a science class, all we do is STEAM.

    Science is obvious. We teach science concepts, etc.
    Technology is a bit trickier. We use computer and flash models to imitate real world processes. I try to have students write at least one essay a year in which they have to research sources from the internet and type it up using Google Docs. Tech is much better in my communications class where it is the focus, and we do things like create podcasts, videos, publications, etc. I'm thinking of making a menu for an end of the year project where kids can choose tech platforms to communicate their scientific findings in our science class (i.e. like filming their own Mythbusters episode).
    Engineering is something that easily fits into science. We build bridges to demonstrate elastic/static forces, and I have them use engineering principles to build better, stronger bridges. I might have them engineer a catapult to demonstrate force and motion or a car for the same reason. I'll be having my students do chemical engineering to create gackt that has specific properties for our polymers unit. I've had my communications kids engineer newspaper towers, and Knex buildings just for the sake of team-building.
    Art is something you can sprinkle into everything. Students create flip-ups, diagrams, posters, old-world maps (to demonstrate the regions of the periodic table), etc. This year, I'm going to have students create spray paint space art pieces and do research on exoplanets for parent night so we can show them as an art exhibit.
    Math again, always fits nicely into science. We have to calculate speed, time, distance, convert units, mass, density and volume, all as a part of our normal curriculum.

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