how do i use monthly themes?

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by frazzledfun, Aug 9, 2012.

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    This year I am teaching a small k/1 split. The k's are all day (canada), so it will be challenging I am sure...but I am up for it! This is only my second year of teaching my own class and last year I didn't do any monthly themes. This year I want to, but I can't really figure out how.

    I have a lot of ideas and resources/websites full of ideas...apples, bears, pumpkins, popcorn etc but what subject is this? I have a set program for math and L.A. so I wouldnt be using any of the monthly theme for those subjects. I am not sure how I would work it into our science and socials curriculum either.

    When you use themes are they just kind of extra? It would work for art of course, but other than that it would be enrichment I guess?

    How do you organize your year plans using themes?
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    I love using themes-I think it really gives the kids an opportunity to tie their learning together across the curriculum.

    You can really incorporate it into any subject area. I would look at what objectives you are teaching for the month and choose the theme that way. For example-if you're doing popcorn-you could tie that into an activity for the 5 senses in science and pop popcorn the "real" way. In math it could be an extension of what they are already learning or if you do workstations-activities in those areas-they could graph their favorites, etc. Social studies-where food comes from? Most kids wouldn't even know popcorn is grown like corn. Even though you have certain things you have to use for Lang Arts you could still bring in literature in your other subject areas.
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    I'm doing themes as well (I'm having 1st grade), I have several throughout the year and they fit into every subject. When I do "Space", our writing is about space related topics (fiction and nonfictional stories, lists about what youl'd bring into space etc., What if..?), science is about facts (planets, stars etc), Social studies (How various habitats shape the people, places, occupations, celebrations etc that are there), religion (How was earth created? Various religions and their beliefs upon that subject), Art (create planets, make constellation charts, "A starry night" - picture study.. etc..

    When I've met all the goals I can fit into that subject (at a certain time) I go on to the next topic. They vary in length and this year I have:
    "Happy, healthy me",
    "When I grow up" (mixed topic about occupations they'ld like and about their parents/grandparents occupations and lives),
    "Me and my town"
    "Me in the world"
    and right before summer "Nature in my neighbourhood" (most common living things, plants, insects, animals, birds, fish etc.)

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