How can I challenge one of my first graders?

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by srfjeld, Oct 21, 2010.

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    I am in my 3rd year teaching first grade at a charter school. Every year I become a little more clued in to my students needs. This year I'm having trouble with the fact that I have, what I would call, a gifted student in my class and I want to make sure she's being challenged. I can tell she's bored but luckily, she's not one of those bored students who acts out. I want to offer her some kind of challenge but I'm not sure what and I'm also not sure how to reward her for her efforts. It's not like she could get a higher grade than an A+. I also don't want to simply make it more work for her.

    We do not have a T/G program at our school.

    Any suggestions? She really seems to love school right now, and I don't want her to lose that feeling.

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    Can she be sent to a second grade class for something that she really excels in?

    How are her reading skills, could you test her reading level and see what level she is reading at? Then you could give her books and have her do some extra little side projects.

    All depends on in what areas you believe she is gifted - Perhaps she could write a little summary of a book she reads?
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    You really want to be able to go more deeply into the curriculum with her. It's hard with the lower elementary levels (believe me, I know :)). Do you do small group instruction for reading and math? I would just make sure the activities you do particularly at those times are tapping those critical thinking skills. She could also do projects as bros suggested-something multi-step-comparing stories, from the character's perspective, changing an element of the story-how would it change the plot (if Cinderella hadn't lost a slipper, how would it have changed the ending, the story from the glass slipper's point of view).

    These are some sites I really like:

    And some examples of things I've done with my GT kiddos.

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