How can a student behave like that?

Discussion in 'General Education' started by JoeMemory, Jun 13, 2010.

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    Jun 13, 2010

    I was mad and totally out of control. I felt so bad.
    I didn’t understand why a student would do this to me.
    This was what happened.

    This morning a student came to my office.

    "My dear teacher, can you tell me the answer of the test you published?" he asked.

    "Which test?"

    "The one you created with quiz creator."

    "Oh, got it. But why can’t you figure out the answer yourself so that you can learn more."

    "I don’t want to", he said this with a high note, which made me feel so bad.
    I wanted to become an ostrich so that I don’t need to hear that.

    "Don’t be so hurry. So, you show me your answers and I’ll help you correct them, ok?"

    He stood there in silence.

    "Okay, I’ll show the answer, and I bet you will love it",
    he said after a while.
    He said it so confidently that I felt something wrong was going to happen.
    Then he got out of my office.

    This student was named Jimmy, who never listened to me and always did something to upset me.

    In the afternoon, he came to my office again.

    "My dear teacher, I didn’t figure out the answer, and instead, I made a quiz for you because I think it’s a lot easier to test people," he said.

    "Really? Where is it?"

    "On the Internet, you type this site",
    he showed me an site address on a piece of paper.
    I typed it in my browser, wow, I was surprised.

    "Wow, you use quiz creator too, but where do you get money for that" I said.

    "It’s a free trial version; you can check this quiz and find out how it feels like to be quizzed."

    So, I started reading it.
    Then I got mad and I found Jimmy was gone while I was reading it.

    Here was the question he provided to me:

    What kind of animal do you think my teacher XX (my name) is?
    There are two choices
    1 Weasel. Because the words he said smells so bad.
    2 Dinosaur. Because he looks like it.
    And the right answer was the first one.

    Here came another which made me out of control:
    What does teacher XX (my name) do every day?
    1 He just sat in his office looking at the roof like an idiot.
    2 Actually, he do nothing but day-light dreaming.
    3 He does a lot thing to make himself more like an idiot.

    God, how could a student do this to me?
    I had done so much to help him but he called me idiot!
    Why my own student did this to me?
    Where did I go wrong? How could I help this poor kid?
    I wanted to do something to help this student to become a better student.
    I wanted to help him learn to show respect to his teacher.

    But this thing still hurt me badly because this quiz can go around easily and then everybody would know it. That was not good.

    I’m now working on a method to clear this thing. Hope god will help me.
  3. dogs&teaching

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    Jun 13, 2010

    I don't have any advice, but I'm sorry. That is just downright terrible of a student.
  4. czacza

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    Jun 13, 2010

    From your avatar, I'm figuring you are in Shenzhen, Hong Kong. It is our impression in the US that Asian students and their families have utmost RESPECT for educators. I'm sorry that in your case, this isn't true.
    Do you have any kind of student honor code in your school? Is there an administrator who handles behavior issues? How about a guidance counselor? This student seems to be a lazy, disrespectful and angry kid.
  5. ebrillblaiddes

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    Jun 13, 2010

    In my experience...and I do mean experience...when a student does something straight-out disrespectful to the teacher and holds it up in their face, the teacher (oh heck, it was me) hadn't set themselves up as an authority figure from the beginning, because of either not exactly knowing how or buying into "be a guide by the side instead of a sage on the stage" in the wrong way. That's a huge way I think teacher training these days is undermining new teachers--treating the kids as close as possible to as if they're equals sounds good on paper, but the fact is, there are more boundaries on the teachers than on the students, so we can't maintain equal social status by teasing, swapping insults, etc., so if we aren't clearly above we wind up below and then crap happens like what your student did. Of course it's not right but it's what happens and you have to know how it happens in order to keep it from happening again.

    You will probably need to have a conference with his parents to get them to make him take the quiz down. Then, stop bending over backwards to help this kid. Set up boundaries. If he wants any of your time outside of class, say "I only go out of my way to help people who appreciate my time and demonstrate their appreciation by being respectful." If he says he doesn't want to do something, your answer shouldn't be to offer to help him, it should be something like "If you choose not to do the work, you are also choosing not to get credit for it." Make him jump through your hoops--you've been jumping through his, especially with that quiz thing he gave you. He should only get anything beyond your scheduled time with his class if he's respectful of your extra time.
  6. Teaching Grace

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    Jun 13, 2010

    I am also sorry that a student was this disrespectful to you. I might try and speak with the students parents. Who ever you approach though, make sure you print the quiz out. If they were able to put this on the web, they also are able to take it off of the web.
  7. heavens54

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    Jun 13, 2010

    Maybe make a copy of it and call him and his parents in to discuss this? Is he giving other students the URL? If he is spreading out this message than he is doing a very bad thing. If he made it just for you then maybe he is trying to tell you something, granted, in a very negative way.

    Or you could just give him an F and call it done. Maybe you and he just don't click and he should have another teacher? In all, this is so rude and uncalled for on the part of the student, to hurt your feelings and disrespect you. I do hope you can get it sorted out and turn it into some kind of learning lesson for this child. Sounds like he needs it!
  8. Cerek

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    Jun 13, 2010

    I agree completely that you should print out the quiz, then schedule a conference with the parents and student. I would also include the principal, if possible. The student is being blatantly disrespectful. That is unacceptable in any school or culture. I had a similar experience with a student during my ST. It culminated in a conference with the parents, principal and other middle school teachers, as well as the student. When I handed the parents a list of things their child had done to disrupt class and disrespect me, the focus turned on him instead of me.

    As for the student himself, I also agree you should stop going out of your way to help him. He obviously is ungrateful and doesn't appreciate your efforts, so put the burden on the student and move on.

    I had a different student openly disrespect me in front of the entire class one day. I let him know right away I would not tolerate that kind of behavior. We were covering very simple material that was basically review for these students. They were Grade 8 and had been working on this particular content since Grade 5. The class was especially rowdy that day, so I gave them their homework assignment and told them to get started. When they asked "Aren't you going to show us how to do this on the board?", I said "No. This is review material and everything you need to know is in the book. Start reading on page XX and it will tell you exactly how to do the problems." One student asked again if I was going to show them how to do the work and, again, I told him "No, I'm not." Then he said "If I get a 0 on this work, it will be yourfault". I stood up, looked him square in the eye and said "Do NOT blame your laziness on my teaching method. The information you need is in the book. If you can't read it for yourself by now, that isn't my fault."

    I then told the rest of the class that they had better get used to reading the material for themselves, because they would be expected to do that a lot more when they entered high school next year.

    The one student approached me again after class and asked me AGAIN if I was going to tell him how to do the work. I looked him in the eye again and said "No, I am not." He then asked if I was going to give him my home phone # so he could call me later and ask how to do it. HELLO?! I've told you "No" 3 times and I'm certainly not going to let you call me at home so I can tell you "No" again. He then said he was going to tell his dad that I wouldn't help him. I said, "Fine. Tell him to come down to the classroom and I'll be glad to explain it to him and answer any questions he has." (the dad was a basketball coach and was in the building for practice). Since his dad was the basketball coach, I turned his whining around on him and said "Is it your dad's fault when you miss a free throw in the game?"

    The kid whined and pouted some more, but he didn't send his father down to the room and he did have his homework done the next day. :p

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