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Discussion in 'First Grade' started by Lynnnn725, Jul 20, 2013.

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    Hello All,
    I took the last year off from teaching and now I'm baaaaacccckk. :p
    Anyways... we don't give number grades in 1st grade or anything like that so I don't take a grade for homework. I am actually against homework but the district says 20mins per night in 1st grade. Do any of you have any incentives for getting homework done?
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    Welcome back!

    Incentives? My daughter just finished 1st grade. She had a homework packet for the week. Incentive? It was a "grade". We thought nothing of it. She had homework. She did her homework.

    Do a week packet and if it is done do a special "free time" activity on Friday?
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    This is year 7 for me. I do a weekly reader and reading log due on Friday. They read the same story all week (paper readers I get from Saxon Phonics, or any other book you assign). They read it for fluency each evening and the parent grades them. Then on Thursday evening they must do an assignment, like Beg, Mid. End, the 5 W's, etc... it evolves into sentences and then into a paragraph/book report as the year progresses...I never did record a grade for these, and some kids did not turn them in, so this year I am doing an incentive sticker chart for each student to see if I get better responsibility. I also started docking their English grade if they didn't turn in crafty assignments like All About Me poster, Acrostic Name poems, 100th day posters, etc...
    My grades are just E,G,S and N and lots of comments- by docking, I mean I might give a G instead of an E, and write a comment on the report card about turning in assignments....best wishes.
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