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Discussion in 'Kindergarten' started by 2love2teach, Dec 28, 2006.

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    I am looking for a new way to do homework for the new year. Before I gave out two worksheets ( a math and a phonics) in their folder. This year I would like to do something using composition books, using sight words and having to kids write their own homework down. Any suggestions?
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    Transference Skills

    I don't have suggestions for the homework :sorry:, but I have tips for the copying homework part. :D

    Kids are concrete, so try modeling what they copy using the exact same paper (blown up).

    Transference skills (from board area to desk/laying flat area) is a skill that may take practice to master. Depending on your setup, consider modeling it onto paper like theirs (same size) and let 2-3 students copy from that (with the paper laying flat in front of them) before graduating to the board area.

    If you jump to the board area method, most will adapt but keep an eye out for a kid who keeps looking up at the board more often than writing. Sometimes it's not that they can't see, but that that transference/visual motor skill is still developing. :cool:

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