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    Hi all, the position at my school was suddenly cut due to low enrollment so I was talking with the recruiter yesterday at my school to try to find a new placement. The recruiter mentioned some positions they are actively recruiting for and though I would not be a good fit as I cannot relocate, I said I'd see if I knew anyone who'd be a good fit.

    I'm not sure if there is anyone interested here, but I know there's always people looking for job and it's just about making the connection to the person who wants it.

    The position is located in Dilley, TX. It is a 5 day/wk on-site program, but that uses the K12 Inc. online curriculum. So you'd get lots of experience working within the online world too in case you ever hoped to transition to online teaching someday in the future.

    You'd be working with women and children immigrants who are currently in holding while waiting to decide if they will stay in this country or not. You would need to speak, or else be pretty comfortable with, Spanish.

    I know that they are definitely looking to hire, so if you are in need of a job, here is an opportunity. To apply, go to K12 Careers (http://www.k12.com/careers) and search for positions open in Dilley, TX. Apply for any positions that interest you and you can pm me here and let me know and I will let the recruiter know who you are. :)

    I hope that this post helps someone find a job! :) Good luck!

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