Higher order thinking and/or differentiation ideas for this lesson.

Discussion in 'General Education' started by bewlove, Jan 21, 2015.

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    Hello! I am trying to prepare for my upcoming observation. I teach fourth grade, and our standard for next week is for students to take two texts and integrate the information to read or speak knowledgeably.

    Here's what I have planned so far: two texts (undecided what they will be about). I will read the first one aloud and we will discuss some background knowledge (point of view, firsthand or secondhand account).

    Students will then buddy read the second text, where I will walk about and monitor their reading. We will then gather and look at both texts and discuss the information. Students will then get back with a partner to complete a Venn diagram comparing/contrasting the two texts.

    Once this is completed, I will prompt them to independently turn the information in their Venn diagram into a writing piece. I will demonstrate by giving an example, and I will also review the writing process with the students. I may help them form a topic sentence. My class tends to struggle with this.

    Does this sound okay? I need 3 forms of assessment, so I really need to think of one more (because right now I have the Venn Diagram and the writing piece).

    Also, how can I differentiate/modify this? I have some lower kids and some kids that could probably do something a little bit higher. But I don't want higher to equal more writing, ya know? Any suggestions?
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    What are the texts you will have them comparing and contrasting? I'd have them reading texts they are somewhat familiar with, different versions of a fairy tale for example. To differentiate I'd probably identify the students who need the most help and pull them into a small group at the back table so I could work directly with them. That does take away the informal observation assessment though (walking around an monitoring). Another idea might be for higher level and lower level students read different texts. If the text you read is the traditional Cinderella, you could have your lower level kids compare that with another Cinderella story (there are a ton to choose from) and your higher level kids compare/contrast Cinderella to a completely different fairy tale. That might stretch them more. Just spit-balling here.
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    This is literally a lesson I did this week with my fourth graders for an observation! We read Patrick Henry's "Give me Liberty or Give me Death" speech during the mini-lesson (unit on the American Revolution is currently going on in SS) and during the independent practice the kids read a speech from Joseph Galloway about supporting the loyalist cause. They had to decide who they thought had a better argument and why.

    The venn diagram/writing piece sounds like a lot for 1 lesson though. Are they supposed to complete it all in 1 lesson or is this just the start of the writing piece?

    Ideas for lower kids...
    Give them a topic sentence for the paragraph so they can look for details that will support that idea
    Give a glossary (even a picture glossary) of difficult words in the text
    Give them a shorter version of the text the other kids are reading
    Buddy reading is also a way you're differentiating

    For the higher kids...
    Maybe a more challenging question or prompt to respond to
    A longer text or a third text
    Have them read independently instead of buddy reading
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    What are the learning goals for this lesson?
    Make sure you have them (and have them standards based), they need to be visible to students, you should communicate them to the students so they know what they are doing and why, and then your assessments should measure whether those goals were met.

    I guarantee you your admin will be looking for this.
    I also think reading two texts, discussing them, do a Venn diagram and a writing piece is probably too much for 1 lesson, even if you have longer class time.

    I would also front load vocabulary for ELLs, do some pre-reading activities, look at the title, any pictures, make predictions and activate background knowledge before the reading.

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