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Discussion in 'Elementary Education Archives' started by dianejw, Dec 11, 2004.

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    Dec 11, 2004

    I am looking for new strategies to help prepare my fourth graders for the high-stake assessment tests that they take in the spring. The ideas could be related to any subject area, but my major focus is reading, math and writing. Could anyone share ideas that have been successful for them?

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    Our LEAP test is given in March. It is determines if our 4th and 8th graders pass, and it serves as a graduate exam also. For 4th grade the only two that count for pass/fail is ELA and Math. If yours is set up like ours for math it is heavy with word problems (no nekkid number problems!) There are also constructed response in Math so we work with our kids on not just solving the problem, but being able to explain how they got the answer. For ELA of course a huge part of it is writing. They have a 100 to 150 word essay to write (200 to 250 in 8th). We get the state rubric at the beginning of the year and use that for our writing as we work. The kids learn to assess their own writing based on the points the state is looking for. Our state has developed tutoring lessons for 4th and 8th grades at http://www.doe.state.la.us/lde/ssa/1464.html. These are fairly good lessons. One of the best things we get from them is the resource section because it has samples similar to what they get on the test. Of course we also use the released test items. Those won't appear on the test again, but the formatting is there.

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