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    Any other math teachers out there to give me some advice? I really enjoy the teaching part of high school math most of the time. Even though some weeks are rough and I feel like being a total introvert on the weekends. What I do not like is the fact that we are judged too much for our state test scores. Especially when the nature of classes and students can change. Other colleagues that I know are nice but say that it may not be a good career to stay in. Many other math teachers seem to move around and I know 2 others in my school that were once math teachers and got certified into computer and automotive classes. They said they were tired of having been evaluated on test scores and trying to force students that didn't want to learn math to pass. I realize I have become more introverted and sometimes don't feel like talking and hanging out like I used too which is a bit concerning. Is this normal? I am thankful for the job and there is a lot I like about it. I have yet to find one high school math teacher that has stayed longer than five years. A bit concerning but just want some advice.
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    One of the first things you need to do is to stop comparing yourself to others. Not everyone is the same and definitely not all math teachers are the same.

    If you are unhappy with some aspects of the job then that is normal. I do not think that in any career choice one will be completely satisfied with all aspects of it.

    You, and only you, need to decide whether the standardized testing is too much stress for you. If it is too much stress then you can always move into other teaching jobs that do not have testing. But do not do this just because others have done so.
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