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Discussion in 'Single Subject Tests' started by Karina Perez, Oct 2, 2019.

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    Oct 2, 2019

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Karina and I have been a middle school math teacher for the past 7 years. I challenge the highschool 235 texes exam but failed, I got a 215, any tips on where and how to study, the book that i bought to study was no good.

    Thank you,
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    Oct 2, 2019

    Welcome to A to Z, Karina. Your thread has been moved to the Single Subject Tests subforum under Examinations for Teachers; there are likely to be some threads here that discuss preparation for TExES 235 high-school math, and if there aren't, it may be that you'll get some good from the comments on other states' tests of the same content.

    Your official score report should break down TExES into domains and provide diagnostics that show roughly how you did in each domain. Of course, if TExES 235 is a single test, one passes or doesn't pass the whole thing - that is, scoring really low on one domain will not necessarily doom one's result, as long as one picks up enough points elsewhere in the test.

    If your difficulty is with math content, math websites online can be helpful. Khan Academy (www.khanacademy.org) is famous and deservedly so, though it isn't everyone's favorite. Math is Fun, www.mathsisfun.com, is considerably less audio-visual than Khan Academy's short videos are but has clear explanations. Richard Byrne's Free Technology for Teachers blog, www.freetech4teachers.com, features math help every couple of years, and should have links to quite a few of the better math channels that have popped up on YouTube. Even Wikipedia is worth a look.

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