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    I am a new teacher here as some may have noticed. I teach in a more poverty area and I really want to give my students a chance despite financial hardships and show them they can really go somewhere. Athletics are pushed very hard but I would like them to see they can go somewhere academically as well.

    So here I am. I started on Wednesday and because it is pertinent let me explain how things are.

    I have no access to electronic grade book/Discipline system, nothing.

    I have literature books. (I borrowed four from another teacher to TRY to get by)

    Out of four English I class only one has given me grades for the students.

    I have a block Read 180 class, but I have no computers, no 180 book library and no teacher edition physical or otherwise.

    I also do not have a copy code or access to any other area that would productive.

    I have email.

    I have an ESE student who cannot write and barely read. I was told to "grade on their ability..." How can I if I can't have any proof OF ability?

    Lastly this week coming up the district has made it so my students have to make an outline, pre-write, rough draft and final draft from Monday to Thursday.

    These students don't even know proper grammar/spelling/capitalization.

    On Friday when this nightmare from the district is over I intend to go over some grammar with them to refresh them of where they should be. Then the 2nd nine weeks starts.

    I have decided I would like to offer them extra credit (because some of the students are coming from teachers who have only given them FIVE grades) but I need ideas. I would like to offer three categories of extra credit. Perhaps for one point, do an extra journal entry. I need a writing/English assignment that would be worth of three points, finally one equaling five points will be to write me an essay...(But I need a prompt for the essay).

    In the next week I also need to come up with a syllabus and I know the next thing I will type is going to sound bad....But it has been seven years since I have written a lesson plan...and I believe I may have forgotten how! I have lost the template for one completely..>.> I feel...overwhelmed to say the least any ideas?
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    First ok, I'm not sure if your point system is the norm for your school, but in all the schools I've been at, if you offered a kid an assignment for 3-5 points, they would laugh at you.

    Second, lesson plans typically include the standard and objective at the top, materials you will need, the steps to the lesson, and the any special accommodations for ELL and SPED students.

    Third, I would start with a short story unit. You can pull short stories from online, no problem. Then teach the basics - plot structure, characterization, dialogue, etc. Maybe run over some grammar, because that's easy to do with no additional supplies.

    Maybe have them write a personal narrative too - freshman love to write about themselves.
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    We've been trying to implement Read180 without computers and it just doesn't work. We finally gave up after 2 years of trying. To make it work, you really need enough desktop computers for 1/3 of your class to do the computer component during the group rotations. Your administration probably knows this, so if there are not enough computers available for you to set up the program, you may want to consider other options for that class.

    Oh and I just read that you don't have the library. You can't implement the program without that component either. It's a leveled library created just for the program.

    And, it's a scripted prescribed program (you need the manual for the script) that needs all the elements to be effective. Your admin probably knows that too.

    The fact that they call the class Read180 (with no computers and no Read180 library or manuals) is disturbing.

    (I have been trained in Read180 by Scholastic, so I do speak from knowing the program fairly well).
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    If the district is insisting upon a formal written paper from each of your students, flip it around and use it as an opportunity. Those papers, and I agree with SLS that a personal narrative is a great start, will be a diagnostic for their writing. It will also provide you with some interesting insight into their lives. From there, you can workshop common grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors you found in the writing. Handouts from Chomp-Chomp are some of the best things I've found for my freshman writers.
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    Thank you all for the support. Its been a while since this thread but now things seem to be straightened out a little better. I FINALLY have six computers (I now have 13 students in the class) so I have enough computers for READ180 kids to complete the rotation. I also have a physical teacher book as well as access to the electronic copy (Which has been VERY helpful). I have a very very smalllll library. Most of the students are level four readers...the problem is the books are not something they can connect to. I am considering going to the library and seeing if they can check out independent reading books that we have quizzes on in the system so maybe if they find a book they like they will not fight against independent reading so much.

    We are now on our second formal paper for the district and they are still struggling. I keep trying to go over grammar, punctuation and other helpful materials, I'm going to look up Chomp Chomp :) I finally have the schedule down and know my students by face and name. I have instituted seating charts and most of them know the routine by now. I still have a few problem students but they are falling in line or getting schedule changes. It's a lot of repetition but I am dedicated to making these kids better if not the best writers they can be! I use every assignment as a way to see how they are progressing.
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    DD's teacher sent us to this site beestar for ELA. It's also a great deal, only $30 every term. The text selection is excellent.

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