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    I'm applying for a sixth grade position in my district.

    Apple Elementary School, Apple City, CA (2009- Present)
    2nd through 6th Grade Math Academic Support Clinician
    • Implemented RtI (Response to Intervention) math program that provided students with learning activities and experiences to maximize student achievement
    • Assessed, collected, and evaluated student data and performance to monitor student progress
    • Collaborated with homeroom teachers to develop a standards based curriculum to help students become proficient in math

    Banana Elementary School, Banana Town, CA (2008-2009)
    Kindergarten Teacher
    • Implemented TAPPLE (Teach, Ask, Pause, Pick, Listen, Effective feedback)
    • Taught at risk students using various strategies for RtI
    • Actively engaged my students as writers through various relics and activities
    • Individualized instruction in language arts through Readers' and Writers' Workshop

    Cantalope Elementary School, Apple City, CA (2006-2008)
    Fifth Grade Teacher (2007-2008)
    • Consistently maintained positive classroom behavior and organization through use of classroom economy unit, positive intrinsic rewards, and P.A.T (Preferred Activity Time)
    • Individualized instruction for Language Arts through Readers’ and Writers' Workshop
    • Conference with students on a one-on-one basis to create individual goals
    • Fostered a strong home connection by maintaining a classroom website to increase parental
    • communication, enhance student community and pride, and provide academic enrichment
    Kindergarten Teacher (2006-2007)
    • Actively engaged students in the learning of Language arts using Open Court Reading basal program
    • Extended Saxon Math’s program through activities and manipulatives to differentiate instruction and facilitate understanding for all learners
    • Enhanced academic and social growth of ELD level 3 and 4 students using Harcourt ELD program
    • Organized an environment that provided self expression and autonomy


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