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    Hello all!

    I am a special education teacher. Right now I have a Kindergarten student who is on the autistic spectrum. This student has significant cognitive, social and language (expressive/receptive language) delays. Although this is not unusual for students with this exceptionality, it is not all of all students on the spectrum. I am responsible for teaching him our K curriculum (math and language arts), which of course is very difficult. I need some suggestions to bridge the gap between his skill level and the school-based curriculum. His skills are between a 3-4 year old level.

    In reading, I have been focusing on recognition of letters, listening to stories to develop language skills concepts of print (front cover, title, beginning, and end of a book, words, and letters), as well as letter/sound relationship, beginning sounds in words (b, d, m) and rhyming. I have attempted to work comprehension skills, but that seems to be too hard for this student at this time.

    In math, I am working on sorting objects by color and shape, identifying shapes (circle, square, triangle, suggestions), recognizing, and counting numbers to 20, ordering numbers to 10, 1:1 correspondence to 5, patterns, sequencing (3 events), spatial relationships (up, down, over, under, around, behind), seasons of the year and basic coin identification.

    Any suggestions to help with these concepts would be greatly appreciated.

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